Essie Hot Coco Nail Polish Review & Swatches

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Ever since I feasted my eyes on swatches of Essie Hot Coco (from Winter 2010, described as tawny sepia) I thought it resembled one of my biggest polish lemmings: Chanel Khaki Rose. I do not have the Chanel polish to compare to, but based off of swatches I'd say they have to be pretty close... maybe the polish gals that follow can give me a confirm on that?

This is Essie Hot Coco with 2 coats. I thought it looked ok but then I did the pics and it's spotty, so I did my other hand with 3 coats and it looked much better. I'll probably put some sort of crackle over it tomorrow to test out one of the other shades ;)

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and in this shot if you click to enlarge you can check out the patchiness lol

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The pink tinge in this makes it totally wearable for me, I seriously have a hard time finding taupes I like!

Essie retails for $8 USD and is available online at or at Ulta (where I picked up this one).