Essie FOR THE TWILL OF IT Nail Polish Swatches & Review - Fall 2013

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Essie has some great shades out for Fall 2013, but the one that may have captured your attention the most is For the Twill Of It. While all six of the shades from the For the Twill of It collection are certainly beautiful, none will catch your eye like the collections namesake.

(outside, in shade, with flash)


(outside, in shade, no flash)


(outside, in full sun)


For the Twill Of It is a really cool and complex multi-chrome metallic shade with hits of green, purple and silver. The shimmer is intense and it's fun to angle your hands around in the light and also in the shade to see what shade will appear next.

The formula was really great and easy to work with, becoming fully opaque in two coats. Brush strokes are more apparent in the photo than in real life, but not as ghastly as you might imagine from a metallic.

Essie Nail Polishes retail for $8.00 each and are available at drugstores as well as at Nordstrom.