Essie Angora Cardi Nail Polish Swatches

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Today is a SPECIAL day! It's my 100th post! I had wanted to blog something special, but all creativity escapes me. For some reason, even though I've been getting a decent amount of sleep, I'm just exhausted. So, it's a nail swatch.... that turned into a NOTD because it was so beautiful.

Essie Angora Cardi has been sitting in my untrieds for AT LEAST a year. I think it was from Fall of 2009 =\

For some reason when I look at the color.. I think Boysenberry lol Plummy purple! It's really so pretty, I'm totally ashamed I've had it so long and never gave it a go. it's my favorite out of the purple family.

I hear a lot of complaints about Essie polishes application wise... that they're streaky, you need a million coats... but this one was just glorious. I only needed TWO coats and it covered like a dream. I also used Orly Top2Bottom as a base and, of course, Seche Vite as my fast dry top coat. The first pic has flash, the second pic has no flash (I hit some good light!)

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And here's some random bottle pics because I am loving this polish and it needs lotsa love ;)

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Essie retails for $8.00 a bottle, and you can purchase at online retailers, Trade Secret, and I believe Ulta. And, as I've found, at random Nail Salons lol.