Essentials for Traveling to New York City in the Spring

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*I’m sharing #SwissHerbs in my life as part of a #Ricola sponsored series for Socialstars™.

This week I got back from a way-too-short trip to New York City for The Makeup Show. This is one of the best times of the year for me because it's basically my Disney World. The happiest place on Earth!!

traveling essentials for new york city what you need to bring train

To get to the big city I hopped a train for NINE HOURS. It was my first time on an actual train that wasn't just for commuter purposes. There's not much out there about how to prepare for this type of travel so I found an awesome bookbag (that's actually a diaper bag but you can't tell ????) and stuffed it with the essentials that I felt like I couldn't live without for that amount of time.

best items for a train ride new york city travel

Here are my Spring Essentials for traveling to & visiting New York City!

So many snacks. These are also awesome to have on hand in the hotel room. There may be a drugstore on every corner, but the blocks are long and the weather isn't always cooperative! Plus, when you want to eat, you want to eat.

Hydration. Water, yes. But also a facial mist. Basically just a skin refresher. I always feel so gross on the train or airplane... even in a car. I like to use one with a pretty, yet subtle scent to liven things up a bit.

Comfort. That train is cold AF. It's not a plane, you can carry on a lot more... take your blanket and a neck pillow. You'll use it, trust. Bring sunglasses too... you're stuck in a seat and if the sun is shining in those windows it's not pleasant.

Allergy kit. When you're cooped up on a train for that length of time you need to keep your sinuses clear, your throat hydrated and your immune system up. It's not the recycled air that you get in an airplane, but it's definitely not fresh. Plus allergies during a rainy week PLUS a 4-alarm fire (yesss a fire omg you probably saw it on the news) that happens within a stones throw from your hotel you need to keep your allergy symptoms in check.

Ricola Original Drops® are the perfect, natural relief for that scratchy "allergy throat" on the train and when you're hitting the pavement. Ricola's “Drop-It” campaign promotes a secret blend of 10 Swiss herbs, called Chrütercraft, that can give your throat an extra drop of soothing relief that works quickly to bring you sanity in a fast-paced city. Pop it and drop it! You can grab them at CVS so if you do forget them on the train they'll be easy to pick up once you arrive. Read more Ricola stories here and take the quiz for your chance to win a GOLD Ricola drop!

In my allergy kit I also like to have an antihistamine, some tissues and a nasal spray. When I have that type of arsenal at hand it's a personal assurance that I won't be suffering from seasonal allergies.

What to take on a train

Entertainment. These are your electronics of all kinds, magazines, coloring books, crossword puzzles (yes, even though I have my phone handy I bring all of those things).

Chargers. An offshoot of entertainment but you'll want to bring things like your phone, laptop, iPad, Kindle... all those things. This is nine hours, you guys! Luckily one of the best parts about being on a train is that they have outlets so you can plug in your electronics. Perfect for getting work done or relaxing with headphones on (which you should also bring... I actually forgot mine on this trip and regretted it immediately).

Umbrella. You guys I really wish you didn't need this for Springtime in NYC, but you do. I walked from the train station to the hotel and then from the hotel to the train station. I did a lot of walking up there, even in the rain, and that umbrella was essential to me because I wouldn't have been able to walk around and see so much of the city without it. Since the backpack I used is actually a baby bag the side holders for water bottles are bigger than usually and held a personal umbrella perfectly. Umbrella on one side, water on the other!

Spring in New york city

It's lucky I packed what I did for the train because it was a rainy trip in NYC and the allergies were booming (for me, anyway). Plus, everything I took on the train served me well in the hotel room, at the show and walking around outside.

What do you pack for long trips?

*I’m sharing #SwissHerbs in my life as part of a #Ricola sponsored series for Socialstars™. All opinions remain honest and my own. For more info on Ricola visit them on Facebook & Twitter.