em michelle phan Medium Brown Arched Defining Brow Liner Swatches & Review

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My brows always give me issues. Because of a weird hormonal thing after I had my daughter one of my brows decided to all but disappear. It's grown back, but isn't the same as my other eye brow. Seriously, you guys... I know they shouldn't be twins but I don't even think mine are in the same family most days.

I'm always game to try a new Brow Liner. Especially when it's from a new brand that has me extremely curious!

The em michelle phan Arched Defining Brow Liner is available in five shades, but for review purposes I tested the shade that matched me the best, Medium Brown.

What the em cosmetics website says about the Arched Defining Brow Liner:


inspired by the girl who wants to frame her face.

ultra-slim in size but big on brow definition. blends naturally; just use gentle, short strokes to define your brows.

I found that this brow liner gave an amazingly natural look to my eye brows, light but ultimately defining. The slim pencil was easy to hold and actually kept me from applying too much pressure at the tip. I'd definitely repurchase! I'm wearing the em michelle phan Arched Defining Brow Linerin this photo.


What is your go-to brow pencil?

The em michelle phan Arched Defining Brow Liner retails for $19.00 and is available at emcosmetics.com.