Easter Favorites from LUSH!

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Easter is coming!!! Even if you don't celebrate the holiday, it's fun to play with the beauty products that it inspires - like these new goodies from LUSH!

Henata($7.95) is it a hen? It is a piñata? It's both! When you smash this hen on the side of your tub (this takes some muscles) and out comes a bath bomb egg and soap rose petals. The scent is sophisticated yet citrusy scent and makes you feel alive and relaxed at the same time. If you don't want the flower petals all through the bath you can let this one fizz out in a mesh bag to catch them.


Fluffy Egg ($6.95) smells deliciously sweet and will turn your bath water pink and your skin soft. LUSH releases this one every year and it's always a favorite. Warning: this may make you hungry!


Carrot ($7.95) has a yummy, fruity scent and will turn the bath water a fun orange color. This makes a ton of bubbles and lasts forever! Simple hold the carrot by the greens and it will make bubbles as the water hits it. I've used this through four of my kids baths and it's barely shrunken down at all and doesn't make their sensitive skin itch.


Egg Hunt($7.95) features a fresh, fruity scent to suds up bath and shower time. The lather is green and creamy, leaving the skin soft. With these soaps it's important to keep them away from water in between uses so that it can last longer.


Pick up any of these LUSH items (and MORE!) at your local LUSH retailer (find US locations here) or online at lushusa.com.