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Hey everyone!!

I hope you all had an awesome holiday! Mine was BUSY BUSY! Busier than I'd like, really =\ We did the usual Christmas running around then on New Years day we had a surprise retirement party for my father in law. Any free time was spent organizing and cleaning the house so that the new addition looked somewhat presentable lol It all went off well, but, I must tell you... I'm glad it's all OVER!

As my first blog post of the new year I want to talk to you about Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare.

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I've never had acne problems. Until I got pregnant. My face turned into pepperoni pizza during my first pregnancy and has really never come back. Several months ago I started a new medication that is reeking havoc on my face. PAINFUL acne. OMG. It was getting to the point that I forgot how it felt to not be in face pain. 99% of this was on the jawline area. I was hesitant to try something like Proactiv because of the cost, as well as reviewers saying once you started it you had to keep doing it or the acne would come back.

As a Sephora Beauty Insider I was able to secure a Dr. Dennis Gross Clarity Kit for 500 beauty points. The kit included a 10 day supply of the following - Trifix Acne Clearing Lotion, Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel (2 steps), and All-In-One Cleansing Foam. I used this system for the complete 10 days, and actually even have some of the Lotion and Foam leftover that I've continued to use.

I noticed results immediately. The next morning the acne on my face appeared less irritated and red. At the end of the 10 days my larger zits were almost gone and the smaller ones had completely disappeared. No new painful zits had arrived.

This stuff is seriously amazing. It worked quickly, and it worked well. However... it stinks. The active ingredient in the lotion is Colloidal Sulfur. It's not HORRIBLY stinky. It's bareable for sure. Personally, since it works so good, I'm willing to look past the smell. Another downside is, since I've run out of the 2 step daily face peel my acne has come back a bit. Not as bad as before, but enough to notice.

If I were to buy this 3 step system full size the cost would be $78 for the Daily Face Peel (30 day supply), $32 for the Trifix Acne Clearing Lotion, and $36 for the cleansing foam - bringing the grand total to $146. They do have a kit you can purchase for $35 but it doesn't include the 2 step daily face peel. There are also a few smaller sizes, but if you're going to drop the $$$ might as well get enough for the month.

For referance my skin type is basically normal... oily t-zone. Not TOO sensitive but I can't put anything with fragrance on my skin because I'll get a horrible rash. I had no problems with this skin care line.

Final thoughts - If this line were more affordable for a stay at home mom with 2 kids and a house with only 1 income, I'd be all over it. It may be something I'll pick up during the next Friends and Family sale. For now, the hunt continues for something that works just as good but is more affordable!