Dior Vernis Timeless Gold 226 Haute Couleur Swatches & Review

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I truly thought this color was gone. Dior Timeless Gold was one of the limited edition polishes from Holiday 2010, and though not as popular as Czarina Gold, it did disappear rather quickly. Anyway, I found it behind the stash of Gris Montagne at my local Sephora. SCORE.

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Timeless Gold is a platinum polish with a hint of gold to it. It's very foily and very beautiful. It applied very well and a lot more even than I expected. The Dior Vernis have a wide flat brush, which may make it hard to apply the polish. It does take some getting used to, but I actually like it MORE than the old style.

The swatch pic was taken with 3 coats of Timeless Gold along with Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat:

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On day 2 there are no signs of chipping, and it's been a hard couple of days on these hands.

Dior polishes retail for $21. You can find these anywhere Dior is sold, but make sure you check ahead for availability. They seem to sell out fast and some colors are exclusive to certain stores.