Dior TURQUOISE 258 Waterproof Stylo Eyeliner Swatches and Review - Croisette Summer 2012

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Turquoise liner is a "thing" this Summer, and Dior has released a pretty addition to that trend with their Croisette Summer 2012 Collection. Turquoise 258 Waterproof Stylo Eyeliner is a beautiful shade, but is it high-performing?

What the Nordstrom website has to say about Dior 'Diorshow Vernis Croisette Collection' Waterproof Liner:

Inspired by the art de vivre of the French Riviera, the Dior Croisette Collection combines the peace of the French countryside with the splendor of Saint Tropez.

To easily reproduce the ultra-graphic catwalk eyes, Dior introduces a very precise retractable eye pencil. Diorshow Waterproof Liner offers an exceptional glide and guarantees a perfect, long-lasting line. A collection of six vibrant colors for a high-intensity impact to complement any eye makeup. A true expert tool for a 100% smudge-proof and waterproof effect.

Turquoise is a semi-shimmery robin's egg blue shade. I imagine turquoise as much deeper, for some reason. The shimmer is much more apparent in the swatch than on the eye (the shadow is the Aurora 5-Couleur). It also swatches much more pigmented than it will go on the eye. I had a heck of a time layering the crap out of it to get it to show up. It is, unfortunately, not what I expected on the eye. I do believe if it was a bit softer it would have been easier to work with and nicer to wear.


Dior Waterproof Eyeliner retails for $29.00 and is available at Sephora, as well as at your local Dior counter or store and online at Dior.com.

For more information on this collection, please see the Official Press Release.