Dior Rouge Allure Lipstick ~ Pink Baiser (361)

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I'm a bad blogger! I missed a day! I'll be honest I wasn't planning on posting today either lol but I saw a few new followers (HI!!!) so that sort of lit a fire under my butt ;)

Today my girl Emily (from Wife Check, Mom Check, Now What) was in town helping out her mom so we got together with the kiddies at Ross Park Mall. Since we had the kids, it was a mostly kid sanctioned event (Disney Store, Build A Bear, Lunch at the Foodie Court) - but we did find time to stop at the Nordies DIOR Counter and visit with Kathy.

Of course Kathy is ALWAYS amazing, and she'd been telling me about Dior's new release of 32 new Rouge Lipsticks. I was looking for something that was unlike anything I had already. A pink tinged with a bit of violet. Basically, I had the color in my head but couldn't get out what I wanted. After lots of recommendations and tests in store I found my love. Pink Baiser - 361. It's PERFECT. Creamy, doesn't make me feel like I'm too old to be wearing it, but doesn't make me feel like an old lady either. There will be a FOTD with this probably tomorrow, so you'll be able to check it out on lips then ;)

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This is totally going to be my Fall color... I'm thinking with MAC Spree Lipglass over top or maybe MAC Wildly Refined Lipglass. The Dior Rouge Allure Haute Couleur's retail for $30 and can be found at Nordstrom.com or calling 412-548-4300 and asking for the Dior counter (speak to Kathy!!) ;)

What's your Fall lip color??