Dior OR DIVIN 221 Nail Polish Swatches and Review - Les Rouges Or Holiday 2011

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Dior Holiday 2011 brings us four heart stopping nail colors in the Le Or Vernis Collection of Les Rouges Or. Or Divin #221, Exquis #611, Merveille #651, and Apparat #871 are all injected with a fine golden powder and I'm excited to have three of them here to share with you! This post will be about Or Divin 221.

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Painting Or Divin on your nails truly looks like you're using legit gold dust frankened in with a pale yellow gold frost lacquer. For the swatch above I used 3 coats, but you could use more or less depending on how opaque you want it and if you're layering.

This is probably the first frosty gold that hasn't been super streaky on my nails or washed out the color of my skin. It wears like that of all Dior polishes, fabulously. These polishes also feature the best brush out there, thick and tapered for a more precise application.

Dior Or Vernis retails for $22.00 and is part of the Holiday 2011 Les Rouges Or Collection. This collection has already begun popping up, so keep your eyes peeled! I have the 5-Couleur on order... it needs to get here SOON.

Check out the Dior Les Rouges Or Holiday 2011Official Press Release.