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Dior Mitzah Collector Palette

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Dior celebrates Christian Dior's legendary muse Mitzah Bricard, a woman he once described as "one of those rare people today whose only reason for living is elegance." A real "style empress".

Born in Paris to an English mother and Austrian father, Mitzah Bricard captured the fascination of Christian Dior at the very beginnings of the house. While she was officially responsible for the Dior hat collection, she played a key role in advising and influencing the couturier on many aspects of the brand, including the creation of the "New Look".

Known for her love of leopard (she wore a leopard scarf wrapped around her wrist at all times, purportedly to hide a scar), the color lilac and over-the-top jewelry, it was said that Mitzah could "turn the ordinary into stylish".

Each numbered, limited edition eyeshadow palette reproduces the legendary "Jungle" panther/leopard print-now a signature print of the House of Dior-favored by Mitzah Bricard. Shades of elegant camel, chocolate brown and beige shadow can be applied seperately or combined to create a sumptuous tawny shade.

MSRP: $90.00
On-Counter: September 2011
Availability: Sephora.com

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This Collection will also feature a limited edition 5-Couleurs Eye Shadow Palette stamped in the iconic leopard pattern, two Vernis shades inspired by the same earthy print and a tawny, shimmering brown Diorshow mascara, pays homage to this one-of-a-kind woman.

The Collection:
Dior 5-Couleurs Eye Shadow in Mitzah - MSRP $60.00
Dior Vernis in Camel - MSRP $22.00
Dior Vernis in Ebony - MSRP $22.00
Diorshow Mascara in Golden Brown - MSRP $24.50

On-Counter: September 2011
Availability: Sephora.com