Dior Misty Mauve (844) Swatches & Review

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What is up with this week?! Can someone tell me how I just got over a cold and then last night I get hit with the allergy bomb? My allergies haven't even been that bad since I had Lydia but last night was the exception. Perhaps it's because I took the kids to Petland in the mall and they had a gorgeous blue eyed kitty (and I'm not a cat girl) that I got nose to nose with. I didn't TOUCH the kitty... but I guess I got close enough to warrant allergy death time. =(

Anyway, I look and feel like crap AGAIN so today will just be swatches and a review of the Misty Mauve palette.

The Dior Misty Mauve 5 Colour Eye Shadow was LE for Fall 2010 (but somehow sold out before Summer 2010 was over?! lol) and is an Irridescent palette. It's sparkly and obviously much more sheer than yesterdays Beige Massai. If you're like me, and usually go for a subtle look, sheer is good! Especially when you're talking purple sparklies ;) Generally I would use this quad all together.. the 4 outer shadows on the eye and use the darker middle shade as a liner. I'll definately do a FOTD look with this at some point. If sheer isn't your deal, then definately pass. You COULD make this dramatic, but it wouldn't be as fun for you as, say, a purple from MAC or MUFE.

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The Dior Misty Mauve 5 Colour Eye Shadow retails for $58 plus tax and can be found at Nordstrom or Macy's. Call around, you might get lucky! I don't think Sephora got this one, I never saw it online or in the store.