Dior Kingdom of Colors Eye, Lip & Face Palette Swatches, Review + FOTD - Spring 2015

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For Spring 2015Dior has released a beautiful and limited editon do-it-all palette - the Kingdom of Colors Eye, Lip & Face Palette ($80.00 // Nordstrom).

Kingdom of Colors Eye, Lip & Face Palette Review

The packaging is the blue and silver box you always get your Dior in. The compact itself is housed in a a velvet-like pouch with a little brush and slot for easy storage. The pattern is quilted and the plastic feels strong and sturdy. A generous, full-sized mirror is on the top side.

Kingdom of Colors Eye, Lip & Face Palette 001 Spring 2015
Kingdom of Colors Eye, Lip & Face Palette packaging

Product wise you'll get 10 custom colors and four professional applicators inside a graphic palette embossed with the personal crest of Christian Dior on the blush. The palette contains a mattifying skin-perfecting powder; a pearly highlighter and coral blush to enhance the complexion; and a deep purple enhanced with a silver shadow; an illuminating touch of aqua green shadow; and a black eyeliner to define the eyes. An iridescent coral gloss, a sheer iridescent gloss and a powdery pink lipstick adorn your lips. Four mini applicators are included for on-the-go application.

Dior Kingdom of Colors Eye, Lip & Face Palette Swatches

Unfortunately this palette has more cons than pros. The shapes provided to hold the product are an excellent size for the eyes and lips, but my blush brush managed to find itself in the blush as well as the other surrounding products, and I used one on the smaller side. I ended up having to dab in the center carefully and build the cheek color. Luckily the blush is well pigmented so that wasn't too major.

I feel a lot of people will also be put off by the fact that the cream products are so close to the powder products allowing everything to mix and eventually get on the nasty side. The pigment of the glosses, eye shine and silver eyeshadow are not good and the eyeliner wasn't easy to apply. While it was creamy it just didn't want to give a nice/dense layer. I had to go over the line several times to achieve a deep color. The stand out products in this palette are the lipstick (obsessed with this color!), blush and purple eye shadow.

In the look below I'm wearing the blush and lipstick included in the palette. On the eyes I have on UDPP as a base with and the purple shade all over the lid. The mint colored eye shine is blended into and above the crease with the silver shadow at the inner corners. I used the Mattifying Skin Perfecter as a highlight under the brow and then smudged a bit of the purple shadow under the outer third of the lower lash line. The black eyeliner is used at the top and bottom and for mascara I have on Milani Total Lash Cover.

Dior Kingdom of Colors Eye, Lip & Face Palette look

Do you need it? No. I hate to say that about Dior because I love them, but for the price I think you're better off with a full size 5-Couleur and a lip product. I do have more of the Spring Collection here and it will hopefully be up this week.

The Dior Kingdom of Colors Eye, Lip & Face Palette retails for $80.00 and is available now at Nordstrom.