Dior COPACABANA, CARIOCA, GAIA Jelly Lip Pen Swatches & Review – Summer 2013 Bird of Paradise

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New product time! For the Summer 2013Bird of Paradise Collection, Dior brings out three Jelly Lip Pens! I wouldn't exactly call them "pens" more like a crayon with a lot of slip. Regardless of the name, I'm in love.

What Sephora says about the Dior Jelly Lip Pen:


What it is:
A saturated lip color that delivers hydration, shine, and rich pigment.

What it does:
A true beauty multitasker, the exclusive jelly-like formula is available in three richly saturated hues offering an all-in-one treatment to deliver the hydration of a balm, the high-shine of a gloss, and the pigment of a lipstick. This jumbo pencil sharpens with a simple twist and is ideal for easy, smooth, touch-and-go application.

What else you need to know:
Christian Dior has always been influenced by Latin America and its luxuriant and shimmering tropical nature, which can be seen in his dresses from 1948 onward. Drawing from this passion, the 2013 Summer Look is an invitation to an exotic journey.

There are three Jelly Lip Pens within this collection:


Copacabana 516 - shimmering nude beige

Carioca 636 - shimmering pink apricot


Gaïa 656 - shimmering watermelon pink


I really thought there would be one I didn't like, but each shade is so silky and luxurious....perfect for summer shine and moisture. They aren't hugely pigmented but are sweetly tinted to add a nice, demure pop of color to a bold statement look on the eye.


It's devastating that these are limited edition, so hopefully Dior will at least bring out a couple with each collection so I can keep stocked!

Dior Jelly Lip Pens retail for $26.00 each. The Summer 2013 Bird of Paradise Collection will be available for a limited time at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Ave and dior.com.