Dior Collections Hit An All Time NUDE for Fall 2012!

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In addition to the Rouge Dior Nude Lipcolor, the brand will launch more product to get your naked on! Including a fluid makeup and concealer, nail polishes, and brushes!

Vernis Nude Collection

Since the first red shade was launched 50 years ago in 1962, Dior Vernis shades have become the must-have accessories of each season, and the new Vernis Nude collection is no exception. Featuring four silky neutrals, from the putty-colored Dune to the Parisian chic Charnelle, each Nude Vernis offers a sophisticated complement to the Rouge Dior Lipcolors, much like the original Dior Vernis, which was launched to match the already-iconic Dior lipsticks.



Charnelle #115

Trench #223

00008216-115Charnelle_for print

Grège #413

00008217-223Trench_for print

Dune #715

00008218-413Grege_for print

MSRP: $23.00
On-Counter: Fall 2012
Availability: Dior.com

00008219-715Dune_for print

Diorskin Nude Fluide & Concealer

Introducing the new Diorskin Nude Fluid, a liquid foundation that creates a “bare skin” effect for a more radiant complexion. By closely studying the skin’s components, the Dior laboratories have managed to create a foundation formula that boosts the skin’s beauty and radiance. Starting from the skin itself to magnify its natural beauty, this is a brand new approach to makeup.


The new Diorskin Nude formula, enriched with the exclusive “Nude Glow” pigments, features ingredients that imitate the natural composition of the skin, creating a “glowing” effect in any light. At the heart of this technology lie three key elements: pigments, the binding agent and water, working in perfect harmony to magnify the natural beauty and radiance of the complexion.

“Nude Glow” pigments provide a greater glow and truer color, similar to the melanin naturally present in the skin. Diorskin Nude features translucent pigments, as opposed to opaque white pigments found in other foundation products, to let the skin’s natural color shine through, while the binding agent used in Diorskin Nude contains lipids that are similar to the epidermis, creating a texture that’s soft to the touch and offering maximum hydration throughout the day. Finally, at the heart of Diorskin Nude is a beneficial water that combines the virtues of mineralized water with a new floral water. The ideal balance of minerals (magnesium, copper and zinc) joins with the powers of mallow and hibiscus and enhances global action on hydration, glow, elasticity and a smooth, even complexion. Day after day, this beauty water cares for and acts upon the skin, and the complexion becomes naturally more beautiful and radiant.

Diorskin Nude is the essential item on every backstage makeup artist’s table, a secret weapon for creating a flawless-yet-natural finish. Now, Diorskin Nude features a new, even more radiant finish that blends into the skin, delivering just the right amount of coverage without masking the skin’s texture.

After carefully studying and crafting pigments for decades, Dior’s unique experience in creating colors for couture and makeup has come together in the new Nude range. Sixteen shades of foundation have been designed with Dior color experts from around the world to match all complexions with the utmost accuracy and precision. Shades: Ivory #010, Crème #011, Light Beige #020, Linen #021, Cameo #022, Peach, #023, Medium Beige #030, Sand #031, Rosy Beige #032, Apricot Beige #033, Honey Beige #040, Ochre #041, Dark Beige #050, Mocha #060, Amber #063, Dark Brown #070 MSRP: $48.00
Diorskin Nude Concealer

The new Diorskin Nude Concealer formula has been enriched with natural active ingredients for a perfectly hydrated, smooth and flawless finish. At the heart of the new technology are three key elements: pigments, the binding agent and water, working in perfect harmony to magnify the natural beauty and radiance of the complexion. Shades: Ivory #001, Beige #002, Sand #003, Honey #004, Mocha #005.

MSRP: $30.00
On-Counter: Fall 2012
Availability: Dior.com

Dior Nude Brushes

Diorskin Nude foundations offer the most even, glowing results when applied with the new range of professional brushes custom-designed for the collection. Modeled after Raphael paint brushes, which were created in 1793 to blend water and color to perfection, the new Dior Nude Brushes feature high-quality hairs assembled by hand and never cut. The combination of Raphael’s unique savoir-faire with the mastery of Dior makeup artist’s brushstrokes has given rise to the most expert range of brushes on the market.


A total of four new brushes—two brushes per texture for liquid or powder, for light or fuller coverage—help create the perfect Diorskin Nude finish. The fluid texture brushes feature innovative fibers combining the softness of natural fibers and the elasticity of synthetic fibers to perfectly melt the textures onto the skin, while the powder texture brushes contain 100% natural fibers for ideal suppleness and application comfort. The fluid brushes, available in light and full coverage, feature new fibers, finely frayed to duplicate natural hairs.

The Light Coverage Fluid Brush has a “langue-de-chat” shape, to effortlessly deposit a super-fine film of foundation on the skin, while the Full Coverage Fluid Brush features a denser, beveled shape for blending in a larger amount or obtaining more coverage. The powder brushes work for both compact and loose powder foundations, made from high-end natural hair to provide absolute comfort and maintain their shape, use after use. The Light Coverage Powder Brush is round and supple, featuring layered fibers to dust powder lightly onto the face and create a velvety, translucent finish. The Full Coverage Powder Brush features a flat, thick shape to crush the pigments and polish the face, achieving fuller coverage.

Nude Brush Collection:

Dior Light Coverage Fluid Brush $45.00
Dior Full Coverage Fluid Brush $45.00
Dior Light Coverage Powder Brush $55.00
Dior Full Coverage Powder Brush $55.00

On-Counter: Fall 2012
Availability: Dior.com