Dior Capture XP - Official Product Information and Photos

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Introducing the new Capture XP, Dior’s wrinkle-smoothing skincare collection that preserves and restores the skin’s density to regenerate stem cells and boost hyaluronic acid production from the deepest levels of the dermis.


Dior HYALU-STEMTM ingredient complex:
The unique Dior HYALU-STEMTM ingredient complex targets fibroblast activity, the natural source of hyaluronic acid. The complex works both in the epidermis, to revitalize the potential of youth preserving cells, and in the dermis, to promote synthesis of hyaluronic acid. Skin is plumped, lost density is rebuilt and wrinkles are immediately smoothed and intensely reduced after one month of use. Galanga Extract (a rhizome from the ginger family) acts directly on the fibroblasts in the skin, ordering them to increase hyaluronic acid production and fill out the dermal cushion. TP VITYL ™, a vitamin E derivative patented by Dior Research and present in all Capture products, completes this action by preserving the epidermal stem cells’ anti-aging properties and deeply stimulates the activity of hyaluronic acid-producing fibroblast.

Bi-Skin Premium:
The new Bi-Skin Premium contains algae and polymers for an instant surface moisturizing effect. Both elastic and moisturizing ingredients, Service Tree Fruit Extract and Glycerin respectively, allow for deeper skin hydration. The skin feels supple, smoother and its hydration is significantly increased.

Instant Smoothing Technology
The new Capture XP’s soft-focus particles smooth the skin and intensify its luminosity. The serum contains Prismatic Powder BB to fill in wrinkles and diffuse light. The cream contains Coverleaf AR 80 to reflect light and help fade surface imperfections.

Long-Term Smoothing Technology
A patented ingredient by Dior accelerates the penetration of all of the active ingredients amplifying the treatment results.

Capture XP Results:
In one hour, an intense transformation is visible to the naked eye. Skin is smoother, plumper and more firm. In one month of use, the entire complexion is rejuvenated. By targeting the stem cells in the skin and enabling them to continuously produce hyaluronic acid, Capture XP gives the skin consistency and enables its surface to remain smooth.

Capture XP Ultimate Wrinkle Correction Crème
A rich and nourishing balm that provides immediate plumping and protective comfort to effectively smooth the skin. MSRP: $110.00 for 50 ml.

Capture XP Deep Wrinkle Correction Serum
Soft and fluid gel-serum with an instant firming and smoothing effect. MSRP: $130.00 for 50 ml.

Capture XP Ultimate Wrinkle Correction Eye Crème
Soft and silky firming crème that smoothes the delicate eye area. MSRP: $82.00 for 50 ml.

Capture XP Ultimate Wrinkle Correction Night Crème
A velvety cream wraps the skin in ultimate softness, the ideal complement to the concentrate for offering the skin maximum filling and repair power. MSRP: $120.00 for 50 ml.

On-Counter: Spring 2012
Availability: Dior.com