Dior Bronze Auto-Bronzant - Official Product Information and Photos

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Dior Bronze Auto-Bronzant is the first self-tanning line that replicates all of the pleasures of the sun. Each product in the line creates a natural-looking, luxurious tan while also stimulating the body’s ß-endorphins to create an immediate feeling of well-being.


Dior’s exclusive Bronze-Perfect Complex adapts to the skin’s pH to recreate a natural and even tan while moisturizing agents give a lasting luminosity to the skin.

Each product in the Dior Bronze Auto-Bronzant line features a fragrance with exhilarating top notes of Bergamot and Clementine, sweet and spicy middle notes of Orange Blossom, Carnation and Rose and comforting base notes of Labdanum, Musk and Vanilla. Adding to these mood-enhancing properties is a plant-based active ingredient Helichrysum italicum that helps stimulate the natural production of β-endorphins, for an immediate mood-lifting sensation similar to the effects of sunbathing.

The Products:
NEW Dior Bronze Self-Tanning Oil Natural Glow for Face & Body
This satiny, luminous formula is the first self-tanning dry oil by Dior that ensures unrivalled ease of application and optimal hydration with no oily effect. MSRP: $38.00, Nordstrom Exclusive

NEW Dior Bronze Self-Tanning Crème-Gel Natural Glow for Face
This rich, mood-lifting cream glides on with incredible ease. Skin is perfectly moisturized and immediately reveals a healthy glow. The face progressively shows off a natural and even tan. MSRP: $32.00

NEW Dior Bronze Self-Tanning Crème Natural Glow for Body
This lightly tinted and moisturizing cream delicately melts into the skin upon application. Skin is immediately bathed in a radiant glow that develops into an even, golden tan. MSRP: $34.00

- Before application on the face, lightly exfoliate the skin.
- Apply to cleansed, moisturized skin. Wash hands after use.
- Avoid the eyebrows, hairline and contact with eyes.
- Apply sparingly to elbows and knees.
- For a more intense tan, re-apply after three hours. Use two to three times a week to maintain your tan.

On-Counter: March 2012
Availability: Dior.com