Dior Beige Massai (705) Swatches & Review

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Happy Monday! Well... not really. It's more like crappy Monday lol It hasn't been an AWFUL, rank day... but you know when the day is just annoying ENOUGH? That's my Monday.

A bright spot of this less than stellar Monday is that my Beige Massai (705) 5 Colour Eye Shadow has arrived in the mail!!

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This 5 Colour is like BUTTAH. You seriously won't want to stop touching it. As a stay at home mom I find it's the most idiot proof shadow set that I've found. If you are going to splurge on some makeup, this is a good shadow set to do it on. You can do just about anything look-wise. Neutral, subtle, or deeper for a night look. I tend to do a more neutral day look and then use the darker colors to line, but I'll bust them out for crease color in the evening or when the mood strikes.

You get what you pay for, and TBH the higher price tag ($58) isn't so bad when you are getting 5 eye shadows (that are extremely versitile) and the applicators. Dior is the only brand where I actually USE the given applicators. The rest always sit untouched. I've always found Dior to be HIGH quality, long lasting, and CLASSY.

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Dior 5 Colour Eye Shadow is available at Nordstrom.com for $58 plus tax. OR you can call my fav Dior gal, Kathy, at Nordstrom Ross Park Mall ;) 412-548-4300 - tell her Brooke says hi!! =)