Dior 5 Colour Eyeshadow - 001 Five Golds Review & Swatches

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Oh what I had to go through to get this palette.... Bloomingdales would keep getting it back in stock, then it would be out of stock and I'd get cancellation. Finally, in a "duh" moment I check sephora.com and there it was lol

This isn't just one of my favorite 5 Colour's from Dior, its one of my favorite palettes of all time. I love the metallics, of course, especially the bronzes, but that lower left side Gold... it's WET looking without actually being wet... like I have a light liquid gold on my lids. It reminds me of magic. That sounds so bizarre.. but it's SO unique. You can actually see in the pictures how it looks wet.

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The Dior Five Golds "Gold Edition" 5 Colour is Limited Edition and retails for $58 USD plus tax and sold out fast and furious. If you can get it, do it.