Dior 192 PAMPILLE Le Vernis Nail Polish Swatches & Review - Trianon Spring 2014

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One of the prettiest nail polishes from the Dior Trianon Spring 2014 collection was, of course, the one I forgot to blog about. Today, as I pack for my trip to New York City for The Makeup Show, I wanted to share with you swatches of Dior Pampille Le Vernis.

Pampille has a sheer, milky baby blue base with subtle turquoise shimmer. The brush is flat, wide and tapered - perfect for painting polish on evenly. The formula was smooth and really adds a shine to the nails. Below is one coat swatched over bare nails, but it does end up semi-opaque after three coats and layers very well over other shades.

Dior Pampille Le Vernis Nail Polish Swatches Review

This one will either be a hit or a miss based on your polish preference. I love it for a subtle, fun nail that just gives off that finished appearance to your hands.

Dior Le Vernis retails for $24.00. I purchased Pampille at Nordstrom, but this polish is limited edition so be sure to call ahead before you head out to your local store.

Dior Pampille Le Vernis Nail Polish Swatches