Derma E Intensive Therapy Foot Creme Review

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As Summer comes to a close, we start to dig through our Winter survival gear and get out the socks. Just because our feet are covered doesn't mean we should let the way they look go to pot.

The perfect way to keep the dry, cracked feet of winter nourished with Derma E Intensive Therapy Foot Creme.

What the Derma E website has to say about Intensive Therapy Foot Creme:

This therapeutic crème helps support healthy circulation and relieve tired, achy, even painful feet. Fortified with Pycnogenol®, Peach Seed, Ginkgo, Yarrow, Arnica, Peppermint and Menthol, this formula is ideal for those who suffer from poor foot circulation, or achy, tired or swollen feet. It will also help relax tight muscles, resolve swelling and bruising, and relieve dry, cracked, itchy feet. May also be used on tired, achy legs.

This foot cream has a peppermint scent that has this bizarre calming effect on me. The minute it hits my nose I feel at ease. I have no idea WHY that is.. because peppermint has never done that to me before... but this just feels GOOD... It makes the feet feel icy, but if you sit cross legged or with your feet underneath you it'll warm them up. It soaks in after a bit and you're left with soft and supple toes and heels and the lingering, calming smell of peppermint.


You can purchase Derma E Intensive Therapy Foot Creme for around $19.50 (for 4oz) at as well as at and Amazon.