December 2014 Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag Swatches + Review

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I vowed to check out some new monthly subscription boxes in 2015 and I got an early jump on that resolution with the arrival of the December 2014 Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag.

Rainbow Honey December 2014 Review

What is a Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag? You can buy your Mini Mystery Bag every month for $10 (plus $2.95 shipping) or a Large Mystery Bag for $25 (Free Shipping). This is also available as a monthly subscription which you can pause or cancel at any time. At this time there is no referral credit system in place.

This month the Mystery Bag included:

The Master Nail Polish. This has a raspberry base with shattered golden iredescent flakies saturated throughout. LOVE THIS. Three coats shown.

Rainbow Honey The Master Nail Polish Swatches

Woland Nail Polish. This has a clear base with black, purple and holo glitter. A beautiful top coat! Three coats over a bare nail were used in the swatch photo below.

Muscovite Scented Top Coat. This is a nice product that coats well but I really dislike that it's scented. I don't know what their unscented smells like, but all I'm getting from this one is a strong alcohol odor with a hint of something else. Immediate migraine. When it dried down on my nails the scent was less alcohol and more candy, making at least bearable to wear throughout the day. If you can get through the initial painting, you'll survive ;)

Muscovite Scented Cuticle Balm. I love the ease of use on this. It's nourishing and feels wonderful. The only downside is you can't apply it after a mani because the chapstick type shape makes it hard to maneuver around so you don't mess anything off, and it randomly releases small chunks. If your nails are clear those are easily rubbed in. I like to apply cuticle oil after a mani, so with this I just have to remember to use it before or at night when my nails are bare. The scent is like the top coat when it dries down, like candy!

Muscovite Scented Body Lotion. Again with the same candy scent. This feels nice on and the bottle is small enough (1 fl oz) to tote it around with me to use as a hand cream.

Muscovite Scented Solid Perfume. Perfect for scent touch-ups on the go. A little bit is all you need on pulse points for a scent that lasts all day.

Rainbow Honey December Mystery Bag Swatches

Do you need this? If you love getting new nail polishes and products every month then YES. I believe you really only need to sub for the Mini Mystery Bag because the products sent are generously sized - plus if you're like me you really don't need more full size bottles of polish... not enough time in life to get through them all!

What do you think of the December Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag? I'll definitely be getting January's shipment - will you?