December 2012 Julep Maven Box Swatches & Review – Bombshell

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I seriously love the holiday season. How pretty are the beauty releases? The makeup, the nail polish... even the skin care glows. Glitter and glam just makes me smile. Warms my heart!

For December 2012Julep even tossed a fun craft into the Maven Box! And, although it was quite tasty, I'm not talking about the peppermint. In addition to two gorgeous nail polishes and a warming foot scrub, they also included a ring and instructions to make your own nail polish jewelry!

The two polishes included in the Bombshell Box for this month are Cindy and Hilary. Cindy is a beautiful apple green shimmer and Hilary has a clear base with copper and gold glitters.


(photo taken in shade, with flash)


(photo taken in shade, no flash)


Also included for this month is a warming foot scrub (my freezing feets thank you!) and a ring with a Cabochon stone to create your own bling!

Creating nail polish jewelry has always intrigued me. I'm not the craftiest person you'll ever meet, so I never even looked into it. But, let me tell you, it's addicting! I thought my ring turned out pretty cute:

When my hubs came home I made him push in the prongs better so the stone wouldn't pop out. If tools are involved I've learned it is smart to wait.


So. You wanna be aMaven? You know you want to make some jewelry. If I can do it, you certainly can!

Being a Maven is SIMPLE. Sign up here and take the style quiz. After you sign up you’re eligible for all of the perks – including 20% off on all products plus free shipping on You can also add in more items to your box at a low cost.

The best part about this subscription program is that they send you an email with a preview of your upcoming Maven Box. If you love it, do nothing. If you want to try a new style or send your box to a friend, or even skip the month simply log in to your account within the allotted time and submit your requests.

Mavens also earn rewards! Refer two friends and earn 2,000 Jules! This will get you a FREE Maven Box.