Dear Spring, I Welcome Thee #FebrezeSpring

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Every time the weather lifts and I see some sunshine I'm all, YAY IT'S SPRING. Then the next day it snows and I'm like =\ Febreze has it's latest collection out for Spring, so at least I can have the inside of my house smell like the weather isn't arctic.

Spring scents to me are always fresh and ever-so-slightly floral. So, hands-down my fave fragrance from Febreze is a new, limited edition one called Rain. I actually picked up a candle today at Walmart in that scent to match the Set & Refresh below that I keep in my living room. I'm also in the market for a new car, so I can't wait to add the Rain vent clip in there once I buy!

#FebrezeSpring collection review

On a sunny, Spring day you can usually find me outside as much as possible with the kids. We haven't had much of that spring yet, so for now I'll just enjoy my indoor "Rain" and maybe some Sweet Pea Petals and wait for the day that I can finally open up the windows and enjoy the season!

Febreze Rain

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Febreze Noticeables

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