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***I participated in the eSalon hair color campaign as a member of The bLink Marketing Network. I was provided a free hair color to review but all opinions are my own. Comments submitted may be displayed on other websites owned by the sponsoring brand.

Yesterday on social media I mentioned I was changing up my hair. I started getting a few grey hairs in my early 20's but it was never a huge deal to me because I always got highlights done. Highlights are expensive and as you get older and acquire more greys your hair needs done more often in order to hide those little ninjas. (They're ninjas because they come out of nowhere and hide under other hair like they've been there all along). My hair needed done and was looking pretty drab this month... with the impending new year I decided it was time. Time to venture into the red zone.

eSalon Hair Dye Review

I'm always nervous to dye my own hair because I never know if the color will work for me. eSalon is a service that takes you through a series of questions to custom create a hair color that is perfect for you. During the survey you'll answer questions about your natural hair color, eye color, the treatments you use on your hair.. etc. At the end an eSalon colorist will analyze the answers you provided to create the perfect color for you to dye your hair at home. The kit ships quickly and is ready to use as soon as you'd like.

When you open the box you'll have some paperwork on top with directions on how to apply your custom hair color. Everything you need to use is included (minus the clips to separate the hair). I was particularly pleased to see they included not one but TWO sets of gloves. Since this is a two step process (roots first, then ends) that was important to me because it's less messy. I was able to put the root treatment on, strip off the first set of gloves and go about my business while I waited. When I was ready to put the treatment on my ends there was a new set of gloves waiting for me.

eSalon steps

The instructions were easy to follow and in no time my whole head root to tips was coated with product. After a rinse and a wash I was excited (and admittedly a bit nervous) to see my new color. I dried my hair quickly and fell in love. My hair went from a light brown with blonde and caramel highlights to a darker brown with flashes of mahogany and red. It wasn't as extreme as I thought it would be in my head, which made it even more perfect. It was truly exactly the color I was going for. The treatment saturated through my hair evenly - like a professional did it.

eSalon Before After

I'm no pro at the at-home hair coloring game, and the system from eSalon was a snap to use. I'm very pleased with the results of my customized hair treatment. It covered every grey and the directions were easy to follow. The entire process was quick and painless - absolutely something I'd do again.

eSalon Review

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I participated in the eSalon hair color campaign as a member of The bLink Marketing Network. I was provided a free hair color to review but all opinions are my own.