Cult Nails POWER THIEF Nail Polish Swatches and Review

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Recently, Cult Nails had ALL of their polishes on sale for $8.50. Being that I needed a new glass nail file anyway, I decided to take advantage of the sale and get my hands on Power ThiefNail Lacquer from the recent Super Powers Collection.

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(this is a "super macro" shot of the polish, still doesn't do the beauty of it justice!)

Power Thief is a taupe based polish with a ton of what appears to be multi-colored (lots of blue and silver, a bit of pink) mini flakie shimmers.

I wore this as my Christmas mani and got a ton of compliments from the fam. It's a unique polish because of the shimmers. The chocolatey taupe shade is something that you could come by quite easily, though you'd be hard pressed to find a formula as good.

Cult Nails polishes retail for $10 each, BUT if you follow them on Facebook and Twitter you'll be privy to awesome sales, promotions, and giveaways! You can purchase these on the Cult Nails website, or at