Cult Nails NEVERMORE Nail Polish Swatches and Review

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Not one to resist an awesome deal, of course I took advantage of the recent Cult Nails $5 sale! Select shades were on the Cult Nails site at the VERY affordable price of $5 each for a limited time. I had most of them but was able to snag two lemmings - Iconic, and Nevermore.

In my ridiculous nail polish stash, I have no true black polish. I've stayed away from them in the past because I'd never wear it alone, and to have to paint 2-3 coats of polish on and THEN layer another polish is just a stay at home mom's nightmare.

When Nevermore hit the scene, it was described as a "high-gloss, ONE coat, perfect black". Okay, I'll bite. Especially for $5.00... it's a no brainer.

You know what. They ain't lyin'. ONE freaking coat, ladies and gents.

Nevermore applies flawlessly, glossy, and jet black. The perfect polish to wear on your goth days, or for layering with on your whimsical days.


While photographing Nevermore, I saw some Unicorn Puke in my yard (DH must not have cleaned it up... wtf), so I went ahead and dipped my nails in it:

Unicorn Puke (aka Clairvoyant) is long gone (part of the formula is no longer available, so no more can be made *sad face*) but you can get Nevermore on the Cult Nails website for $10.00. Wanna be privy to awesome deals and giveaways? Be sure to follow Cult Nails on Twitter and Facebook!