Cult Nails ICONIC Nail Polish Swatches and Review

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Not one to resist an awesome deal, of course I took advantage of the recent Cult Nails $5 sale! Select shades were on the Cult Nails site at the VERY affordable price of $5 each for a limited time. I had most of them but was able to snag two lemmings – Iconic, and Nevermore.

I can't believe Iconic was a part of the Inaugural collection of Cult Nails Polishes and I'm just now getting it. I'm officially shamed.

(outside, in sun, no flash)


(outside, no sun, no flash)


(outside, no sun, with flash)


Iconic has a ridiculously gorgeous plum/burgundy base with a generous amount of gold and red shimmers. There is also a smattering of FLAKIES in there. The more coats you paint on, the more burgundy the base shade will appear. I did three coats because I like a burgundy base, but it was prefect in two for opacity.


And just for fun, this is what happens when your pet Unicorn Pukes all over your Iconic mani!

If you don't own Iconic yet, I seriously don't know what you're waiting for. Do yourself a favor and buy it now, or at least add it to your "I'm buying this next" list.


Unicorn Puke (aka Clairvoyant) is long gone (part of the formula is no longer available, so no more can be made *sad face*) but you can get Iconic on the Cult Nails website for $10.00. Wanna be privy to awesome deals and giveaways? Be sure to follow Cult Nails on Twitter and Facebook!