Cult Nails HYPNOTIZE ME Nail Lacquer Swatches & Review

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This Fall, Cult Nails released a collection entitled Hypnotic. One of the most intriguing shades, IMO, is Hypnotize Me.

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(Pointer Finger - 4 coats, Middle Finger - 3 coats, Ring Finger - 2 coats, Pinky Finger - 1 coat)

Hypnotize Me is 100% a layering polish. The shade is a beautiful medley of green and blue shimmers with a sheer green jelly base. As you can see 4 coats is rather sheer, but it is SUCH an interesting shade. I layered it over a sister polish from this collection (In A Trance, which you will see later this evening or tomorrow) and it looked amazing, but I think it would shine at it's best with a shade like Awakening (a teal creme, also from this collection, but I did not purchase it).

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