Crown Brush HD Brush Set w/ Mirror and Tweezers Photos & Review #CrownBrush

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Crown Brushes are known for their brushes made with high-quality synthetic fibers. Available now for purchase is a set that they state is "Perfect for applying High Definition cosmetics, liquids, creams, and powders." - the Crown Brush HD Set w/ Mirror and Tweezers.

This set comes available in three shades - Purple, Orange and White. For review purposes I was sent the Purple shade, which was likely the shade I'd have picked anyway since it's so girly and fun. (I don't know why, but I tend to always gravitate towards prettier makeup brushes!)

Included in this set:

Crown Brush HD Set w Mirror and Tweezer Set
  • Detail Liner
  • Chisel Shadow
  • Crease Blender
  • Deluxe Contour
  • Tapered Blush
  • Pro Powder
  • Tweezers

The quality of the brushes is very nice and they're wonderfully soft. The two that will get the least use from me are the Detail Liner brush (it's a little too long and slack for me to work with to get an even and perfect line) and the Crease Blender (a little to big at the top for my crease area and too fluffy). Other than that, I can see myself including these pretties in my travel case frequently.

Because this is the purple set the case is a matching purple zipper case with a slot holder for each tool and a mirror. Excellent for travel or for a makeup lover who is just starting their collection and needs the basics.

The Crown Brush HD Set w/ Mirror and Tweezer is currently priced at only $19.50 and is available on the website. This particular set also happens to be vegan friendly!

Crown Brush HD Set w Mirror and Tweezer Set 3
Crown Brush HD Set w Mirror and Tweezer Set 2
Crown Brush HD Set w Mirror and Tweezer Set review

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