Conceal While You Heal – CoverAid Therapeutic Concealers Launch in ULTA Beauty Stores Nationwide

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Conceal While You Heal – CoverAid Therapeutic Concealers Launch in ULTA Beauty Stores Nationwide

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Washington D.C. – (May 15, 2012) – CoverAid is proud to announce that CoverAid Therapeutic Concealers, an innovative line of beneficial skincare products, are now available exclusively in ULTA Beauty stores nationwide. Developed by board certified medical professionals, CoverAid Therapeutic Concealers help to effectively hide blemishes, promote prompt healing and instantly alleviate the redness usually associated with acne, scars, and cold sores.

CoverAid has created products that can be easily incorporated into an everyday skincare routine. The Therapeutic Concealers are simple to use and specially formulated to help inspire fast, soothing relief. Trying to hide embarrassing sores and blemishes with band-aids or pore-clogging concealers can irritate already damaged skin. Thankfully, CoverAid’s unique blend of natural and soothing ingredients target lips, acne, and scars while evening skin tone and hiding inflammation during recovery.

“As members of the medical community, we saw the need for an alternative treatment to what is currently on the market for troubled skin. Creating something that is therapeutic while it conceals is a revolutionary step in the skincare industry and of course, realizing this opportunity led us to develop CoverAid,” said Scott Gritz, Co-Founder of CoverAid. “We’re excited to help people be more confident in their daily lives and wear their skin well. We’re really proud and excited to be part of this skincare revolution.”

CoverAid combines a unique set of elements, like onion bulb extract and lysine, to help relieve these common skin issues. By relying on natural redness-reducing ingredients like Aquacacteen, a soothing and firming extract found in the Prickly Pear Cactus, along with benzoyl peroxide, which aids in diminishing swelling, CoverAid effectively conceals and provides satisfying relief while your skin heals.

Instead of relying on nightly treatments or messy creams to help skin feel and look better, CoverAid works throughout the entire day. Men and women alike will find relief from cold sores, acne, rosacea and scars, by using the CoverAid products. CoverAid covers up skin issues while providing care at the source of the problem.

CoverAid is available in three complexion-matching shades suitable for all skin types. To find out more about CoverAid, visit their website at or stop by your local ULTA Beauty Supply store or online at