Color Club WICKED SWEET Nail Polish Collection Swatches & Review

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Some time ago I won one of the prizes in a giveaway hosted by Samarium's Swatches. Part of the big win was an entire set of the Color Club Wicked Sweet Collection!! This was so exciting for me because I didn't own ANY Color Club polishes! I'm excited to share them with you today, and hope to share many more in the future!

The polishes in the Wicked Sweet, Summer 2011, Collection are all bright, fun, and SCENTED! Yum!

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(L-R, Top Row:

Wicked Sweet, The Lime Starts Here, I Always Get My Man-darin

; Bottom Row:

Yum Gum, Raspberry Rush, Gimme A Grape Big Kiss, Get Your Lem-on


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Yum Gum, Raspberry Rush, Gimme A Grape Big Kiss


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Scent wise, Yum Gum is my favorite. It smells just like original flavor bubble gum and is a pale yet bright barbie pink. I had to use 4 coats in the above swatch pic.


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Raspberry Rush is a beautiful bright HOT pink. It was a bit thin, and though it seemed ok in 2 coats, I went for 3 in the swatch photo.


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Grape Kiss isn't as deep of a purple as you'd expect from the name (it's more fuschia), but it smells just like grape soda! I used 3 coats in the swatch photo.

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I took 2 photos for the post of I Always Get My Man-darin to try and show off the really pretty green iridescence that glints when you move your hand around. It might show up more if you enlarge the photo. I wasn't a huge fan of the scent of this, it was definitely mandarin, but a bit sour. 3 coats.


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Get Your Lem-On is a very sheer neon yellow with a beautiful bluish green iridescence to it. This one was one of the worst for me to apply but I just love the color, and it smells like Fruity Pebbles cereal!!! It would look awesome with a base. 3 coats.


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The Lime Starts Here is a very bright neon yellow/green, and reminds me of that puffy paint you bought back in the 80's to decorate shirts with... am I showing my age here? lol The lime scent is VERY strong. The polish itself was thick and hard to apply. 3 coats.


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Mmmmmm... blueberries! Wicked Sweet smells SO good. The color is a bold bright blue with shimmer. It had the nicest application and needed 3 coats.

A few things I love about all of the shades, a top coat does NOT dull the scent of these polishes. I was worried if I added a top coat I wouldn't be able to catch the smell anymore. The scent lingers for about 24-48 hours, and I wash my hands quite a bit.

Overall, the polishes in this collection didn't coat very well, but they smell SO good. I was a total weirdo while I was swatching these and kept telling the hubby to sniff my fingers. He thought I was nuts haha we all go a little crazy when we're excited, right?!

Color Club polishes retail for $8 each. To purchase Color Club polishes, check out their website and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter!