Color Club Safari Garden Nail Polish Collection Swatches + Review

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I am totally aware that the Color Club Safari Garden Nail Polish collection is from Spring. Why am I posting them? Well, #1 because as I swatched them I couldn't get over how gorgeous the shades were, particularly one (you'll see as you scroll through!). #2 Even though these are Spring shades, they can totally be worn in the Fall. #3 you can still get them!

Color Club Safari Garden Nail Polish Swatches Review

Look, Don't Tusk.This is a tinted white cream shade. Not white, but not ivory either. Two coats.

Color Club Look Don't Tusk Nail Polish Swatches

In De-Nile. This is a beautiful, creamy baby blue. Two coats.

Color Club In De-nile Nail Polish Swatches

Safari Sunset.My second love from this collection. I love the frosty golden peach base with the heavy gold shimmer dust throughout. Two coats.

Color Club Safari Sunset Nail Polish Swatches

Lion's Den.This. This is the one that I am really losing my mind over. Can you even handle how pretty this nail polish is? I clearly cannot. It's gorgeous when layered as well, but this is Lion's Den alone, three coats.

Color Club Lion's Den Nail Polish Swatches

Tribe and True.A khaki cream, almost jelly like. Two coats.

Color Club Tribe and True Nail Polish Swatches

Nail-Robi. This is a dark, indigo but almost navy cream. I love how saturated it is. Two coats.

Color Club Nail-Robi Nail Polish Swatches

What are your faves from this collection?

You can buy the Color Club Safari Garden Nail Polish Collection directly from where they retail for $8.50 each.