Clinique CHUNKY CHERRY Chubby Stick Swatches & Review

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I love, love, LOVE the Clinique Chubby Sticks. They aren't the same ones that we saw back in the 90's, which were matte. These are more of a stick gloss. Self-sharpening and super nourishing.

The first one that I reviewed, Graped-Up, I was in LOVE with. The color was perfect!

In terms of smoothness and shine, Chunky Cherry is spot on with Graped-Up. However, what I didn't like about Chunky Cherry was that I couldn't get ANY color on the inner part of my lips (see lip swatch pic below). I took that pic right after I applied, so it's not like it just wore away. I didn't have that issue with Graped-Up. Also, when I hear "cherry" I think RED. Not super deep red, but reddish at least... this is pink. Then, as it sits on your lips, it morphs into a hyper pink. Which some people may LOVE, but I'm not really on board with that bright of a color for a stick gloss that I just want to be able to toss on during the running of my kids. This product is not crazy pigmented, but Chunky Cherry is the brightest of the shades.

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Chunky Cherry will likely go back to Macy's. The color is not a love for me. Maybe they'll have a different shade that I can exchange it for.

Clinique Chubby Sticks retail for $15 and are available at department store counters (if they have the stock). Your best bet for getting the shade you want is to shop at online department stores, or