CIV BRIGHT IDEA: Salon Perfect Nails at Home!

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Why aren't DIY manicures as long lasting as professional manicures? What is the salon manicure secret that professional and celebrity manicurists know and use? Hint-hint... it begins with a strong foundation!

Duri Cosmetics Porcelain Foundation Retail $8

Duri Cosmetics, known for their award-winning nail treatments, is used globally by top salons, spas and celebrity manicurists to provide their clients with perfectly polished tips that not only last longer, but support a healthier and stronger natural nail as a foundation. Professionals know Duri Cosmetics Porcelain Foundation contains a special combination of ingredients providing natural nail beds with the needed properties to grow, maintain and set the foundation for long-lasting perfect nails.

The Porcelain Foundation improves and provides nails with the following:

  • Toughness
  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • Porcelain "like" smooth properties

Faina Ritz, creator and chemist behind Duri Cosmetics, says "one coat of Porcelain Foundation on a clean, bare nail, followed by one of Duri's 200 shades of DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde-free nail enamel, and a topcoat of award-winning Rejuvecote is all it takes to build stronger, healthier and more natural nails —just like the professionals do!" Faina also suggests using Porcelain Foundation as the ultimate protectant before the application of any of the new "gel-like" and "long-lasting" nail polish enamels, whose chemical formulations can severely damage the natural nail.

Porcelain Foundation lays a strong foundation to protect against damaging and harmful ingredients. Like preparing skin with a primer before applying cosmetics, nails should also have a protective coat - extending the very best hand (and foot) forward!

Lay the foundation for your next beauty and nail story with Duri Cosmetics Porcelain Foundation and provide beauty-lovin' DIY-ers the salon secret they can master at home.

All Duri Cosmetics nail products are completely safe, environmentally friendly and free from DBP, TOLUENE and FORMALDEHYDE. Products are available online at, as well as salons and specialty stores nationwide.