Christophe Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner Photos & Review

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Who here has seen the 80's movie "Troop Beverly Hills"?? This brand will always make me think of Shelley Long's scary ghost story lol and when I used the products I felt very Beverly Hills for probably a less than 5% of what she paid her stylist in that movie.

Christope now has hair care available at your local drugstore. Recently I got the opportunity to test out the Hydrating line and every single aspect of these products is a total love.

The color of the product is purple. Right there I'm all like "wooooooooo!" because it's just pretty to look at. The shampoo ($8.99) has the mother of all lathers and both smell divine. The conditioner ($8.99) also smells amazing and is wonderfully hydrating to hair, making it look silky after styling. They have that salon scent that you get while your stylist is washing your hair and you want the products they use, but then at home it's not the same. Christophe's are the same. And the scent lingers all day. I'm so freaking happy I can just run down the block to CVS and pick these up for myself when I run out. HG status, for sure.


You can purchase Christophe Professional Hair Products at CVS or on the Christophe website. These colors are listed as color safe, paraben free, cruelty free and not tested on animals.