China Glaze YOU MOVE ME, PULL ME CLOSE Magnetix Nail Polish Swatches and Review

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I'm sure you've seen these already, but I'm really excited to share two shades from the China Glaze Magnetix Collection with you - You Move Me, and Pull Me Close.

Before we get to the swatches, let's talk about the magnet.


The magnet is a horseshoe shape and boasts three designs - arrows, slanted lines, and a starburst. I found the slanted lines the most fool-proof to use, as the starburst and arrows (especially) need to have good placement to get the perfect effect.


On to the swatches!

You Move Me

You Move Me is a tarnished bronze shimmer, with the magnetic this SO resembles a tiger's eye stone. Beyond gorgeous.


Pull Me Close

Pull Me Close is a metallic gunmetal blue. It's SUCH a gorgeous color to use with this effect, a surprise favorite.


Overall, these are AWESOME polishes that dry quickly and use a strong magnet. If you do a thin coat you won't get as good of an effect as a thicker coat. Also, it says to use one coat of polish, but I found two were better. In the end, the best way for me to use these polishes was a thin coat of polish on each nail, then as I added on the semi-thick second coat I would hover the magnet over each nail after they were individually painted. It will take about 5 seconds for the design to appear. The perfect procedure will take some getting used to, but in the end I feel it's worth it for a cool and affordable nail look that you can do yourself every single day.

The magnet does include instructions, here is a quick look at them, in English (other languages are also available on the sheet):

China Glaze Magnetix Nail Polishes retail for $10 each and are available at Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta. The magnet sells for $10 as well, but I got mine free with a promotion going on at Sally Beauty where if you bought two polishes the magnet was free. I have no idea if that is still going on, but it doesn't hurt to ask them!


How do you feel about the China Glaze Magnetix Collection? Did you pick any up? Any tips to the magnets?