China Glaze Vintage Vixen Haul +1

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WOW 3 blog posts in one day. Must be that kind of Monday!! The kids are behaving... what can I say?

The mail has arrived and my order was at my feet. I don't want to do nail swatches just yet, because I'm leaving for vacation on Thursday and want my mani and pedi to be fresh and ready to go, so swatches more than likely won't be coming at you until Wednesday.

I ordered (all from China Glaze) Emerald Fitzgerald (love that nameeee), Foxy, Hey Doll, Ingrid, and Afterglow. Pics are posted below with some swatches on paper. PS ~ Packing peanuts... what a painnnnnnnn <3

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Did you get anything yet from China Glaze Vintage Vixen? What are you lemming? DO TELL!