China Glaze Tronica - High Def

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DH and I had our belated Valentine's dinner last night and I insisted we go into Sally Beauty Supply. We were out in an area we're rarely in and when I see a huge Sally's it's like a pull. The employee was just about to close up for the night and was putting out the China Glaze Tronica Collection! They didn't have ALL of them (does anyone elses Sally's not get entire collections?! My local one doesn't either.) but I managed to snag 3 without DH putting up much of a fight.

The one I'll be showing today will be High Def. Sort of a Periwinkle Blue holographic. I actually grabbed it because it's the color of the walls in my main bathroom which I LOVE.

This is with 3 coats of High Def and Seche Vite top coat.

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I was a little worried because I didn't see any sign of holo when I stared at the bottle... but DAMN look how pretty that is! YAY!

The retail on these polishes vary. Sally's has the $1 off on China Glaze until the end of Feb I believe. Keep watching for these to pop up, I doubt they'll last long!