China Glaze Tronica - Gamer Glam

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China Glaze Gamer Glam is such a pretty holo.... I know a lot of these are reminicent of the OMG collex, but I wasn't around too much for that, so I'm loving that there is another holo collection that I can sink my nails into. I can't compare what this pretty purple holo is against a polish from OMG, but I can't say if you don't have anything like GG... you NEED to own it. I cannot stop checking out my nails!

I found that it was very easy to apply, though it was a tad runny and you have to be careful.

3 coats of CG Gamer Glam and Seche Vite FDTC

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Yesterday I reviewed China Glaze High Def, also from the Tronica collection. Who knows what tomorrow will bring ;)