China Glaze Tronica - Digital Dawn

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Saving the best for last! My favorite China Glaze Tronica (out of the 3 I bought anyway!) is Digital Dawn. I'm a sucker for pink polish, and a holo will just knock me out of the park.

As with all the other CG Tronica's this one applied well, but I didn't notice the holo of it as easily as I did with yesterday's Gamer Glam. It's easy to catch in the sun or with the camera flash, but not so much just when you're hangin' out.

3 coats of Digital Dawn and Seche Vite FDTC

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I need the rest of these. It's a sickness. I'm sure of it. Perhaps I can slink away to Sally's later on this evening... Think DH would notice?! I just got a coupon for Sally's and it's most definately burning a hole in my pocket.

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