China Glaze PINK PLUMERIA, SURFIN' FOR BOYS, UNDER THE BOARDWALK Nail Polish Swatches and Review - Summer Neons 2012

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For this years Summer Neon Collection, China Glaze has brought us 12 new scorching hot shades ranging from the wearably loud, to the screaming "you'd better adjust your hearing aids" bursts of color.

Of the 12 shades released I have three to share with you - Pink Plumeria, Surfin' For Boys, and Under the Boardwalk.

Grab your sunnies, here we go....


Pink Plumeria

(outside, with flash, no sun)


(outside, no flash, in sun)


Pink Plumeria could totally be called shrimp. And not because it's short, in actuality, it's beauty makes the stature of the color TALL. Color wise it's this pinked peach with golden shimmer. Almost like the NARS Orgasm polish, but more vibrant and just better. With a tan this would be heart stopping. I don't even have a tan, and there are serious palpitations over here. I'll stop, because you probably already know this is my favorite. Two coats were used for the swatch photos.


Surfin' For Boys

(outside, with flash, no sun)


(outside, no flash, no sun)


(outside, in sun, no flash)


Surfin' For Boys is a neon pinked tangerine frost with slight fuchsia shimmers. It made me think of Chanel Distraction, but obviously way more neon. Like a loud, younger cousin. This would be amazing on your toes with Pink Plumeria on your fingers. Three coats were used for the swatch photos.


Under the Boardwalk

(outside, no sun, with flash)


(outside, in sun, no flash)


Under the Boardwalk is a juicy raspberry jelly. No shimmer lives here. Even though it's a neon, it still wears as though it's classy but sassy. Very beautiful! I used two coats for the swatch photo.

Overall, these three shades are fabulous. I love them all but Pink Plumeria is my obvious favorite, with Surfin' For Boys in second and Under the Boardwalk in third. All three are must haves. Every one of them applied nicely and I had absolutely no issues.

China Glaze® Summer Neons will be available as open stock colors and 12-piece counter display. Individual polishes retail for $7 MSRP and the 8-piece box set retails for $56. China Glaze® Summer Neons will be available at fine salons and beauty supply stores nationwide in June 2012.

China Glaze is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde. China Glaze nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide. For more information, visit:

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