China Glaze Ingrid VS Dior Exquis Nail Polish Comparison Swatches

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This is just a quick comparison post to show the similarities and differences between China Glaze Ingrid and Dior Exquis.

I got a question on this post about Exquis and is it a dupe for China Glaze Ingrid. I thought... hey... I have Ingrid!

At first, by looking at the bottles, I thought no way. Swatched on the hand though.....

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(Ingrid on the top, Exquis on the bottom)

...pretty darn similar. Ingrid has more of a taupe brown base and is less smokey than Exquis ... but the shimmers appear identical! This is the closest dupe I've seen so far! Thank you to Original T. Mitch for bringing it to my attention!!!