China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald VS MAC Jade Dragon

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(pics are clickable)

Based off of THIS post over at (where she compared China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald and OPI Cuckoo For This Color) I decided to compare swatches of MAC Jade Dragon with China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald.

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2 coats of each with Orly Top2Bottom as a base and Seche Vite top coat.
Pinkie & Middle Finger are China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald
Pointer Finger and Third Finger are MAC Jade Dragon

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China Glaze EF tends toward the blue/green side whereas MAC JD heads more towards green because of it's deep green base (even with the teal glitter bits). They are different, for sure, but I don't think so different that you would need both, especially if you're trying to be budget minded about your polish purchases. ChG EF is MUCH prettier, especially IRL.

IMO, based off of the swatches done by All You Desire and myself, it is safe to say that you don't need to own all three polishes. So pick your fav brand ;) OR, cheapest would be China Glaze coming in at $5.99 at Sally Beauty Supply. OPI retails for $8.50, MAC retails for $13. I haven't tried out the OPI CFTC but my personal fav is the China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald (and what a fun name!).

PS - the MAC Jade Dragon also STAINS like no other. It looked like I had grass stains on my nails for 3 days =\ It also chips fairly quickly, even tho when I had it as my NOTD I only did 2 coats. Generally when I do a full nail painting job I like to leave it on for a week, MAC JD chipped within the day (which made me want to pick at it) and was chipped on every single nail by the next day. It was worse than Sinful Colors.