China Glaze: Day 3

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So sorry this is so late! I was actually working on taking pics of my whole NP stash. I got it ALL done and labeled except for the Barielle's which should be here in a few days. Once those are in I'll do a stash post.

That being said, I only got 3 China Glaze done today, but I'll make up for it tomorrow, I promise!


Meh. This is four coats in the pic. As you can see, it's still streaky in places. The color itself is like a bleached out For Audrey. It does have the potential to be a gorgeous polish, if it were a bit thicker and maybe a hair darker. I bought this because of the hype. Don't believe the hype. Now... the next two... BELIEVE THE HYPE!

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New from Retro Diva... totally gorgeous. It is shades like this and the next one that have me begging for the Fall and Winter weather to get here. I always love Fall weather, but these new and gorgeous nail shades have me going crazy for it. This one only took two coats, and looks absolutely divine. Bravo!

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Totally hot. I don't believe I have any of the other colors from this collection, but I'm sure this was the winner. It has to be. There is not much that would be able to top this gorgeous shade. I did 3 coats here, simply because the deeper this color goes, the hotter it looks. It would have been ok with two.

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Until tomorrow =) I guess I owe you at least 5!