China Glaze DANCE BABY, ELECTRIC BEAT, and FUCHSIA FANATIC Nail Polish Swatches and Review - ElectroPop

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China Glaze


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Brightening up a rather bleak Winter season, China Glaze ElectroPop delivers vibrant shades for your tips! This collection features 12 polishes, and I'm excited to able to share three of them with you - Dance Baby, Electric Beat, and Fuchsia Fanatic! I am hoping my Sally's gets these SOON so I can bring you a few more (click here for swatches of Make Some Noise!). I checked last night and they weren't there yet and no go at Ulta today either. I'm keeping my eyes peeled!

Dance Baby

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Dance Baby is a bubble gum barbie pink creme. It was a little patchy in 2 coats, which had me nervous, but a third coat handled that little issue. The color is bright and fun!

Electric Beat

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Electric Beat is a gorgeous periwinkle cream which was opaque in 2 coats. It applied like a dream and I had no issues what-so-ever!

Fuchsia Fanatic

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Fuchsia Fanatic is a lively fuchsia pink creme. This one was actually opaque in one coat, but I applied two just to make sure it all looked even on camera. Lately I've been "over" fuchsia just because I've seen so much of it, especially over last Summer, but this particular one is simply stunning!

I can't speak to the whole collection, since I only have three shades right now, but I am really impressed with these three creme shades!

ElectroPopwill be available February 2012. Individual shades retail for $7; 6 piececollections retail for $42.

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