China Glaze Classic Camel Swatches

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Recently I had a lemming for China Glaze Classic Camel. When I got a few polishes from the new Vintage Vixen line I didn't purchase this one, but lately I was thinking about it. And thinking and thinking... in order to kill my lemming I went to my local Sally Beauty Supply in search. They had the VV collection but only HALF the polishes... and from what the manager said, would not be getting the others. She even showed me the book. Nada. She had no idea what I was talking about, and even I started to feel slightly crazy.

I came right home to double check, and thankfully (we can all rest easy), I'm NOT crazy lol I placed an order with because I needed some Seche Vite Top Coat anyway and also wanted to pick up Essie Sew Psyched (which my local Trade Secrets doesn't have... wtf is up with my area?!) Shipping is high at TD, but it worked out as even when you factor in the discount on the SV and CG polish.

Classic Camel is a nice, deep yellow that doesn't wash out my skin tone. RARE for me. It actually looks like Honey Mustard dressing with glitter. Very fine gold glitter. Hopefully I don't get hungry while I'm painting my nails and decide to dump it on a bunch of chicken fingers.

(shown here with 3 coats)

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