China Glaze Atlantis Review & Swatches

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China Glaze Atlantis was first released back in 09 with the Specialty Glitters. I'd been lemming this one from swatches, but never took the plunge and actually ordered it. This month it was at my local Sally Beauty Supply as part of an exclusive (i.e. only Sally's will have this collection) collection called Treasures.

Atlantis took my breath away. It's so gorgeous, no wonder there is some hype over it. None of the other Treasures really stood out, but I did almost pick up Pom-Pom. It looked super pretty in the bottle but I couldn't talk myself into another pink glitter.

Here is 3 coats of China Glaze Atlantis on top of Zoya Anchor Base Coat (I find it easier to remove glitters with this base coat as opposed to the Orly Top 2 Bottom that I usually use), and a Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat:

(make sure you enlarge to check out the multi-color glitter)

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It covered a lot better than I expected it too, though there are still some uneven spots. The gorgeous glitters make that a little less noticable. I guess I could have done another coat, but I need it to last at least through tomorrow! This is the teal I've been searching for since Summer! Can't wait to get this one on my toes!

Right now China Glaze is $1 off at Sallys, so get it while the gettin is good!

PS - AND (because I'm so excited) - here is Atlantis with one of my favorite Coach tote bags as a background. Coach is ON TWITTER. I can't believe I didn't know until just a few days ago!! I'm actually embarrassed that I didn't find them sooner! Click HERE to follow their awesomeness.

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