Chantecaille The Save the Bees Palette Swatches, Review & FOTD - Spring 2014

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There's always been a product I've been dying to try... but I held back because it seemed a little too expensive, and while I pride myself on being able to justify any purchase a four shade makeup palette nearing the $100 mark just didn't seem okay to me.

This Spring 2014 the Chantecaille Limited Edition palette broke me down. The Save the Bees Palette is beyond adorable and the shades are ones I love to use daily - so what could it hurt? I'm hooked, so the wallet... it's gonna hurt.

What Neiman Marcus says about the Chantecaille The Save The Bees Palette:

Chantecaille The Save The Bees Palette Review Look Swatches

Channeling both the runway trends and the healthy freshness of Nature in the spring, the makeup is soft, natural and glowing. The complexion is clean and radiant with a flush of flattering coral on the cheeks while eyes are softly illuminated by warm washes of golden honeys anchored by stormy grays.

A delicate touch of clear-sky blue sharpens the focus on the eyes and plays against a burst of bold juicy color on the lips for a youthful look that is both sophisticated and refreshing.

The Save the Bees Palette: Passionate about raising awareness for the plight of bees and the fragility of our ecosystems, we have created the Save the Bees Palette a refreshing eye and cheek palette that artfully fuses the natural beauty of the Bees' habitat with the Spring 14 runway trends in a unique yet wearable way.

The front of the box pairs well with the compact inside, which is an ivory and cream shade, silver plate and a bee smack dab in the middle. The exterior packaging also boasts a honeycomb pattern.

Chantecaille The Save The Bees Palette packaging
Chantecaille The Save The Bees Palette ingredients

I like the packaging style because it's sleek and not too over-the-top. With something like bees you have to be careful it doesn't get too childish looking. I have a minor gripe that normally I wouldn't pick on (because it's not that noticeable, I just tend to zone in on these things) but since this palette is closing in on a Benjamin I want to point it out - the middle silver plate with the bee on it... is slightly crooked. Every time I go to use this palette I stare at that crooked silver plate and I'm "WTF" all over again.

As you open the palette you're greeted with a thin waxy type paper with gold print that gives you the names of each shade and what you're (ideally) supposed to be doing with them.

Chantecaille The Save The Bees Palette compact
Chantecaille The Save The Bees Palette compact back

On the inside there is also a mirror that spans the entire topside of the palette. Under the paper are the large eye shadows with a raised bee featured on the center of each one with a golden overlay, which will immediately disappear on first use. I tried to be dainty because these are large pans and go around the bee (ironically, to Save the Bees) but since this palette is refillable the shades twisted and made that difficult.

Chantecaille The Save The Bees Palette shades

Skyan eye-opening, delicate pale blue sheen that instantly brightens the eye area. When I first saw this one in person I thought the blue tint was a little much, but it actually makes the eyes look amazing. IMO when you use it at the inner corners of the eyes it opens them up better than any other shade I've ever tried. Officially in lust.

Chantecaille The Save The Bees Palette Review

Honeya glistening golden highlighter that adds a soft touch of radiance to both cheeks and eyes. On me this is a little too intense for a highlight shade, but I adore it on my eyes! It's that perfect golden shadow with a hit of bronze that we all love to sweep over our eyelids in the Summer-time!

Beehivea versatile and flattering gray beige that can be intensified when applied wet. More of a brown shadow with a bit of taupe and pearl mixed in this shade is amazing on the eyes. While it may seem dupeable when you look at it I've never been so in love with similar shades on my lid like I am with Beehive.

Nectara warm coral pink blush that delivers a cheerful pop of color to all skin tones. In my look below I was pretty heavy handed with this shade, but never felt like it was too much. The pigment is wonderful and this cheek color is smooth, easy to apply and blend. Very flattering!

Above the shades are swatched dry on bare skin. They are absolutely able to be used wet but I really don't find that necessary. The pigment and formula of the shadows is so fantastic I'd be afraid to dampen the colors and damage them in some way.

Chantecaille The Save The Bees Palette Swatches

Below I applied Urban Decay Primer Potion & used the Save the Bees Palette on the eyes (Sky at the inner corners, Beehive on the lid, Honey above the lid blended up) and Nectar on the cheeks. The lippie is Le Metier de Beaute Butterfield 8 Hydra-Creme Lipstick and the liner is Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Bourbon. The mascara is Too Faced Better Than Sex & Clinique Bottom Lash.

Have you splurged on any of the Limited Edition Chantecaille palettes? Which one(s)? I think there's been The Wild HorseLes Dauphins, L'ElephantSylvie’s Personal Palette, Coral Reefs, Save the Sharks, Tiger in the Wild, Sea Turtles... Did I forget any? Seriously, now I want them all =\

Chantecaille The Save The Bees Palette FOTD
Chantecaille The Save The Bees Palette EOTD FOTD
Chantecaille The Save The Bees Palette EOTD
Chantecaille The Save The Bees Palette Swatches Review FOTD EOTD

The Chantecaille The Save The Bees Palette retails for $83.00 and is available at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Ave, Bloomingdales and

5% of proceeds from the Save the Bees Palette will be donated to The Xerces Society to help protect bees and our environment.